Changsi Wang

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Accurate modeling of electrothermal effects of GaN electronic devices is critical for reliability design and assessment. In this paper, an electrothermal model for large signal equivalent circuit modeling of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs including self-heating and ambient temperature effects is presented. To accurately describe the effect of ambient temperature, two(More)
A scalable electrothermal large-signal AlGaN/GaN HEMTs model for both fundamental and multiharmonics is presented based on the modified Angelov model. To obtain accurate scalability of the electrothermal model, a simple empirical expression is proposed for the geometric and power-dissipation-dependent nonlinear thermal resistance <inline-formula> <tex-math(More)
In this paper, investigations about the applications of ultra thin Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) in flexible microwave filters are carried out. The LCP substrate of 50&#x03BC;m substrate thickness was offered as a double copper clad laminate with 18&#x03BC;m copper laminate thickness. First, a microstrip line are fabricated and measured to show the microwave(More)
A novel nonlinear large-signal equivalent circuit statistical model of GaN HEMTs based on response surface methodology (RSM) is proposed in this letter. Thirty-four GaN HEMTs from 10 batches are measured and all the parameters in the large-signal equivalent circuit model are extracted by an in-house parameters extraction program. We choose the four most(More)
An accurate large-signal GaAs HEMT modeling is very important for microwave and millimeter wave power MMIC amplifier design. This paper presents a complete GaAs HEMT model suitable for ultra-wide band application. The model is realized with an improved drain current (Ids) formulation with self-heating and charge trapping modification. This large-signal GaAs(More)
Wth the commercial 0.15-&#x03BC;m pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) process, a novel compact Ka-band fourth-harmonic image rejection resistive FET mixer is designed in this paper. A compact Balun with two scale-down Lange couplers used for the impedance transformation is proposed for LO signal pump. The results show that less than 19.5(More)
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