Changshui Huang

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The graphdiyne (GD), a carbon allotrope with a 2D structure comprising benzene rings and carbon-carbon triple bonds, can be synthesized through cross-coupling on the surface of copper foil. The key problem is in understanding the dependence of layers number and properties, however, the controlled growth of the layers numbers of GD film have not been(More)
Recently, individual single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) functionalized with azo-benzene chromophores were shown to form a new class of hybrid nanomaterials for optoelectronics applications. Here we use a number of experimental and computational techniques to understand the binding, orientation, and nature of coupling between chromophores and the(More)
We report the synthesis of small-molecule organic conductor nanowires of TTF-TCNQ by selective inducement in a two-phase method by pi-pi stacking interaction. The morphologies of TTF-TCNQ, from straight nanowires to helical nanowires and to complicated helical dendrite structures, have been controlled by adjusting the experimental conditions. The technique(More)
A successful approach for the synthesis of indolocarbazole-containing macrocycles based upon pi-pi stacking preorganization of indolocarbazole planes and click-chemistry reactions has been developed. The macrocycles are able to form folded structures with the help of hydrogen-bonding and pi-pi stacking interactions. Two of the receptors were successfully(More)
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