Changsheng Qiao

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β-Poly(malic acid) (PMLA) has attracted industrial interest because this polyester can be used as a prodrug or for drug delivery systems. In PMLA production by Aureobasidium pullulans ipe-1, it was found that PLMA production was associated with cell growth in the early exponential growth phase and dissociated from cell growth in the late exponential growth(More)
β-Poly(malic acid) (PMLA) has attracted increasing attentions because of its potential application in medicine and other industries. In this study, the variation of PMLA molecular weight (Mw) in the batch culture and the strategies to enhance PMLA Mw were studied. Adding exogenous Ca(2+) (0.1g/L CaCl2) to the medium caused a significant increase in both(More)
Six yeast strains of the commercial brewing yeasts CICC1391 and CICC1471, the commercial baker yeasts CICC1339 and CICC1447, and the commercial alcohol yeasts CICC1286 and CICC1291 have been cultured under 1.0 MPa of pressure with N(2) and CO(2) as pressure media. The concentration of intracellular trehalose and the activity of trehalose synthases complex(More)
Dunaliella salina is the major commercial source of natural β-carotene. Limitation of key macronutrients, such as sulfur, in the late stages of D. salina cultivation is one of the main inducers of mass accumulation of β-carotene. In this study the nutritional changes and metabolic responses of D. salina to sulfur deprivation were investigated by gas(More)
In this paper, a novel pH-sensitive poly (amino acid) hydrogel based on poly γ-glutamic acid (γ-PGA) and ε-polylysine (ε-PL) was prepared by carbodiimide (EDC) and N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) mediated polymerization. The influence of PGA/PL molar ratio and EDC/NHS concentration on the structure and properties was studied. Fourier transform infrared(More)
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