Changquan Long

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The temporal course of the human brain dealing with flexible categorization was analyzed by using an event-related potential (ERP) technique in an animal/non-animal categorization task in two parallel experiments. Participants shown animal, person, mixed and non-animal images were asked if they saw 'animals' after being instructed to exclude humans in the(More)
The typicality effect describes a phenomenon whereby a typical item is easier to be judged as a member of a category than are atypical items. This effect has been intensively studied in the context of category verification tasks. The present study further investigated the typicality effect using our newly developed category-based deductive reasoning task.(More)
Inductive generalization of novel properties to same-category or similar-looking objects was studied in Chinese preschool children. The effects of category labels on generalizations were investigated by comparing basic-level labels, superordinate-level labels, and a control phrase applied to three kinds of stimulus materials: colored photographs (Experiment(More)
Previous studies have used analogy completion tasks (e.g., abe is to abf as ijk is to what?) to examine the event-related potential (ERP) parameters of analogical reasoning. In the present study, ERP responses to analogies were investigated using an analogy comparison task (e.g., is abe to abf as ijk is to ijl?), with a focus on structural evaluation. The(More)
Previous studies have failed to clarify the event-related potentials (ERPs) that occur in response to categorization and property inferences during category-based induction. The present study examined ERP differences among acceptable-induction conclusions, unrelated-category conclusions, and unrelated-property conclusions to dissociate categorization and(More)
For a long time, a controversy has been proposed that whether the process of theory of mind is a result of domain-specific or domain-general changes (Wellman in The handbook of childhood cognitive development. Blackwell Publication, New Jersey, 2011). This event-related potential study explored the neural time course of domain-general and domain-specific(More)
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