Changqian Zhu

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Cellular operators are facing difficulties in supporting a huge increment in the subscribers due to spectrum and equipment restrictions. Substantial amount of investigation has been reported in the area of increasing call carrying capacity such as Reuse Partitioning and Directed Retry. However, such action increases the size of the network and results to(More)
Multiple reference frames motion compensation is one of the new features adopted in H.264/AVC to improve the coding efficiency of inter frames. However, the computational complexity of multi-reference frames motion estimation (MRME) is increased in proportion to the number of searched reference frames. This paper presents a novel scheme to reduce the(More)
Different methods exist for deriving a 3D linear transformation, including vector algebra, geometric algebra, and matrix algebra (Artin, 1991; Hestenes, 1986, Foley et al., 2002). In this paper, we introduce Ron Goldman's unified derivation method in vector algebra (Goldman, 2003) combined with our developments in geometric algebra (Hestenes, 1986; Dorst(More)
This paper addresses the problem of reconstructing implicit function from point clouds with noise and outliers acquired with 3D scanners. We introduce a filtering operator based on mean shift scheme, which shift each point to local maximum of kernel density function, resulting in suppression of noise with different amplitudes and removal of outliers. The(More)