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Because of the high data dependency between ADL (adaptive directional lifting) operations, such as interpolation, directional prediction and update, the existing CUDA-specific (Compute Unified Device Architecture) implementation of traditional rectilinear liftingbased transform is difficult to be used for ADL-based transform. This paper proposes a novel(More)
It has been well demonstrated that edge information can be utilized for intra mode decision in H.264/AVC to reduce the computational complexity. In spite of the remarkable speedup for mode decision, the existing edge detection based solution always shows relatively high coding loss due to inaccurate mode selection. In this work, a novel fast intra mode(More)
In this paper, an improved hybrid fast mode decision method for H.264/AVC intra coding is proposed, which is based on the analysis of edge filter and more efficient mode selection. In contrast to the conventional fast mode decision methods where multiple neighbor modes are determined by the same filter, a unique filter is applied to each directional mode to(More)
In this paper a new fast mode decision method for H.264 /AVC intra coding is developed, which is based on the analysis of edge filter and more efficient mode selection. We analysis the edge detection algorithm from the perspective of edge filters and make it more efficient at mode selecting. In the proposed edge filters, differ from those existing methods(More)
Fast mode decision for intra mode prediction in H.264/AVC trades off between rate distortion performance and encoding complexity. Edge direction method has been certified available by reducing unlikely orientation features which are represented by eight values derived from pixel-value processing. In this paper, we proposed a new method to simplify this(More)
A new hybrid fast mode decision method for H.264/AVe intra coding is proposed in this paper. In the proposed algorithm, edge based filters are applied to some samples distributed in the block and each directional mode is related to a filtering result. After that, the absolute sum of Hadamard Transformed coefficients of the filtering results is utilized to(More)
How to efficiently place virtual machines is an important issue in the cloud data center. Virtual machine placement method based on traditional heuristic algorithm costs long time to reach an optimal allocation so that it is difficult to meet the real production environment. To solve this problem, this paper proposes a virtual machine placement method based(More)
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