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In this paper, we make a performance comparison between convolutional(171,133) codes (CC), concatenated RS(255,239)-convolutional(171,133) codes (RS-CC) and LDPC(672,336) based on 60GHz single carrier physical layer (SC-PHY). With the effect of phase noise and non-linear distortion of power amplifier (NLPA) taken into account, RS-CC reveals higher(More)
Due to human blockage and device mobility, 60GHz wireless local-area network (WLAN) faces the challenge of communication-link outage. To cope with this problem, a double-link beam tracking scheme is proposed in this paper. This scheme includes a search strategy of transmission and alternative links, and an in-packet double-link tracking and switching(More)
The direct-conversion transceiver is an attractive architecture for 60 GHz wireless systems to meet the low-cost and low-power-consumption requirements, but it suffers from the IQ imbalance problem seriously. This paper adopts secondorder moment estimation to extract frequency-independent IQ imbalance parameters, and performs IQ compensation based on the(More)
60 GHz communication supporting multigigabit data rate is a popular choice of industry for next generation short distance wireless communications. However, multi-Gsps ADC becomes a challenge in 60 GHz systems which have ultra wide Nyquist bandwidth. To reduce sampling rate of ADC in the estimation stage, we propose a joint signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and(More)