Changming Chen

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Expert system is the promising method to help the car users to diagnose and repair the faulty car. Unfortunately, the traditional expert system has heavy architecture, requires large scale data and space resource to keep its normal work, the development of its reasoning mechanism will consume much time and works. The concept of Ontology in knowledge(More)
The traditional management system of laboratory devices is identified and recorded by manual work. Its configuration is inefficient and illogical. However, a high quality management system of the laboratory devices would actively identity devices, their position and their maintenance records. To achieve this goal, this study integrates radio frequency(More)
Designing products aiming at minimizing their impact on the environment is becoming increasingly important. From the product recycling and life cycle engineering design(LCED) viewpoint, we should evaluate not only the economic cost but also environmental impact during disassembly process. This paper presents concepts of the disassembly activity logic(More)
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