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Restoration of Mature Etiolated Cucumber Hypocotyl Cell Wall Susceptibility to Expansin by Pretreatment with Fungal Pectinases and EGTA in Vitro1
Mature plant cell walls lose their ability to expand and become unresponsive to expansin. This phenomenon is believed to be due to cross-linking of hemicellulose, pectin, or phenolic groups in theExpand
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Synergism between cucumber alpha-expansin, fungal endoglucanase and pectin lyase.
Several recombinant fungal enzymes (endoglucanase and pectinase) were studied for their interactions with alpha-expansin in cell wall extension and polysaccharide degradation. Both Cel12A and Cel5AExpand
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Stipe wall extension of Flammulina velutipes could be induced by an expansin-like protein from Helix aspersa.
Expansin proteins extend plant cell walls by a hydrolysis-free process that disrupts hydrogen bonding between cell wall polysaccharides. However, it is unknown if this mechanism is operative inExpand
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Development of randomly amplified polymorphic DNA-sequence characterized amplified region marker for identification of Apocynum venetum LINN. from A. pictum SCHRENK.
Apocynum venetum LINN. is an important Chinese crude drug, and its sibling species A. pictum SCHRENK is a confusable herb which is similar to it. The purpose of this study is to develop DNA molecularExpand
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Morphological, physiological and biochemical responses of biofuel plant Euphorbia lathyris to salt stress
Abstract Saline lands are characterized by salinity and nutrient deficiency and there is an ever increasing need for economical, adaptable plant species to rejuvenate these lands. In this study, weExpand
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A feasible way to increase carbon sequestration by adding dolomite and K-feldspar to soil
Abstract In recent years, many researchers have explored various possible ways to slow down the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration as this process poses a serious threat to mankind’s survival.Expand
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Effects of Salinity on the Photosynthesis of Two Poaceous Halophytes
To explore the difference of C4 and C3 photosynthetic pathways in responding to high salinity and its potential role in determining vegetation zonation in coastal saltmarshes, two PoaceousExpand
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Bioorganic–Mineral Fertilizer Can Remediate Chemical Fertilizer-Oversupplied Soil: Purslane Planting as an Example
Chemical fertilizer (CF)-oversupplied soils in intensive agricultural systems are typically abandoned due to loss of fertility and productivity. In this study, we investigated the potential ofExpand
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Bio-organic-mineral fertilizer can improve soil quality and promote the growth and quality of water spinach
Abstract: Increasingly, poor soils are used for plant cultivation involving chemical fertilizer (CF) usage which in turn lowers soil quality. To improve the quality of poor soils, promote plantExpand
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