Changmao Shen

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A new type of chitosan derivative, dehydroabietic acid-modified chitosan (DAMC), was synthesized by the acylation reaction of chitosan with dehydroabietic acid chloride (DHAC) under microwave irradiation. The resulting product (DAMC) was characterized by FT-IR, UV, (1)H NMR, X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), thermal gravimetric(More)
Essential oils were extracted by steam distillation from the needles of Pinus massoniana Lamb and Pinus elliottottii Engelm grown in Guangxi. Various factors such as pine needle dosage and extraction time which may influence the oil yield were investigated. The optimum conditions were found to be as follows: pine needle dosage 700 g, extraction time 5 h.(More)
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