Changling Zhou

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In this paper we introduce an active-probing approach that measures the eDonkey (eDonkey 2000) network by using an experimental client developed for this purpose. Our approach collects information from the eDonkey network by issuing queries for files. Based on this technique, we present our experiment and the results that evaluate the capacity of the(More)
Knowledge about which nodes provide services is of critical importance for network administrators. Discovery of service nodes can be done by making full use of duplicate element detection in flows. Because the amount of traffic across network is massive, especially in large ISPs or campus networks, we propose an approximate algorithm with Round-robin Buddy(More)
The Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical Internet service, which translates easily memorized domain names to numerical IP addresses for locating computer resources and services. In this paper, we try to explore the behaviors of DNS lookup by mining DNS logs from three primary DNS servers in a large university campus network in China. Our dataset is made(More)
While email plays a growingly important role on the Internet, we are faced with more severe challenges brought by compromised email accounts, especially for the administrators of institutional email service providers. Inspired by the previous experience on spam filtering and compromised accounts detection, we propose several criteria, like Success Outdegree(More)
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