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Heme proteins bind the gaseous ligands XO (X = C, N, O) via backbonding from Fe d(pi) electrons. Backbonding is modulated by distal interactions of the bound ligand with the surrounding protein and by variations in the strength of the trans proximal ligand. Vibrational modes associated with FeX and XO bond stretching coordinates report on these(More)
The basis of the respective regiospecificities of intradiol and extradiol dioxygenase is poorly understood and may be linked to the protonation state of the bidentate-bound catechol in the enzyme/substrate complex. Previous ultraviolet resonance Raman (UVRR) and UV-visible (UV-vis) difference spectroscopic studies demonstrated that, in extradiol(More)
A series of 3'-aminospiro[indoline-3,1'-pyrazolo[1,2-b]phthalazine]-2,5',10'-trione derivatives have been synthesized by a one-pot three-component reaction of isatin, malononitrile or ethyl cyanoacetate and phthalhydrazide catalyzed by piperidine under ultrasound irradiation. For comparison the reactions were carried out under both conventional and(More)
An improved synthesis of multifunctionalized pyrrolo[2,3,4-kl]acridine derivatives with different substituted patterns using silica sulfuric acid (SSA) as a heterogeneous catalyst under microwave irradiation conditions was developed. The reaction could be conducted by using readily available and inexpensive substrates within short periods of 12-15 min.(More)
Resonance Raman studies have uncovered puzzling complexities in the structures of NO adducts of heme proteins. Although CO adducts of heme proteins obey well-behaved anti-correlations between Fe–C and C–O stretching frequencies, which reflect changes in backbonding induced by distal H-bonding residues, the corresponding NO data are scattered. This scatter(More)
Multiple query optimization (MQO) in the cloud has become a promising research direction due to the popularity of cloud computing, which runs massive data analysis queries (jobs) routinely. These CPU/IO intensive analysis queries are complex and time-consuming but share common components. It is challenging to detect, share and reuse the common components(More)
Determinants of the Fe-CO and C-O stretching frequencies in (imidazole)heme-CO adducts have been investigated via density functional theory (DFT) analysis, in connection with puzzling characteristics of the heme sensor protein CooA and of the H-NOX (Heme-Nitric Oxide and/or OXygen binding) family of proteins, including soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC). The(More)
Laser Shock Processing (LSP) is an innovative surface treatment technology. LSP can induce compress residual stress layer in the surface of metallic materials, which is used for improving the fatigue life. In this study, the propagation course of typical laser shock wave in material was analyzed according to the theory of plasticity dynamics and the theory(More)
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