Changliang Xu

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A series of 3'-aminospiro[indoline-3,1'-pyrazolo[1,2-b]phthalazine]-2,5',10'-trione derivatives have been synthesized by a one-pot three-component reaction of isatin, malononitrile or ethyl cyanoacetate and phthalhydrazide catalyzed by piperidine under ultrasound irradiation. For comparison the reactions were carried out under both conventional and(More)
An improved synthesis of multifunctionalized pyrrolo[2,3,4-kl]acridine derivatives with different substituted patterns using silica sulfuric acid (SSA) as a heterogeneous catalyst under microwave irradiation conditions was developed. The reaction could be conducted by using readily available and inexpensive substrates within short periods of 12-15 min.(More)
We investigated the effect of Dalbergioidin (DAL), a well-known natural product extracted from Uraria crinita, on doxorubicin- (DXR-) induced renal fibrosis in mice. The mice were pretreated for 7 days with DAL followed by a single injection of DXR (10 mg/kg) via the tail vein. Renal function was analyzed 5 weeks after DXR treatment. DXR caused(More)
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