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We investigated the effect of chemical oxygen demand (COD)/N ratio on polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) accumulating ability in an anaerobic/aerobic cycle sequential batch reactor (SBR). Compared the COD/N ratio of 10, 20, 50, and 125, the COD/N of 125 was the most suitable nutritional proportion. When COD was 1,200 mg/L and COD/N/P was 1,200/9.6/30, activated(More)
A resilient robotic system is capable of recovering the original function after some parts failed. This paper develops a general architecture of resilient robot in terms of physical components and their relationships. This architecture includes active joints and passive joints and adjustable links. The inclusion of passive joints and adjustable link can(More)
The well-developed and well-known robotic technology used for product adaptability and versatility has the potential to be applied to sculptures or three-dimensional (3-D) artifacts, leading to a new class of sculptures called dynamic sculpture. The promise of dynamic sculpture is to enable the sculpture to exhibit controlled motion. This article introduces(More)
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