Changle Zhou

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Plant recognition is an important and challenging task. Leaf recognition plays an important role in plant recognition and its key issue lies in whether selected features are stable and have good ability to discriminate different kinds of leaves. From the view of plant leaf morphology (such as shape, dent, margin, vein and so on), domain–related visual(More)
Individual differences in mind and behavior are believed to reflect the functional variability of the human brain. Due to the lack of a large-scale longitudinal dataset, the full landscape of variability within and between individual functional connectomes is largely unknown. We collected 300 resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rfMRI)(More)
Metaphor computation has attracted more and more attention because metaphor, to some extent, is the focus of mind and language mechanism. However, it encounters problems not only due to the rich expressive power of natural language but also due to cognitive nature of human being. Therefore machine-understanding of metaphor is now becoming a bottle-neck in(More)
The present study evaluated the effect of music on large-scale structure of functional brain networks using graph theoretical concepts. While most studies on music perception used Western music as an acoustic stimulus, Guqin music, representative of Eastern music, was selected for this experiment to increase our knowledge of music perception.(More)
This paper presents an approach which extends a particle swarm optimizer for variable weighting (PSOVW) to handle the problem of text clustering, called Text Clustering via Particle Swarm Optimization (TCPSO). PSOVW has been exploited for evolving optimal feature weights for clusters and has demonstrated to improve the clustering quality of high-dimensional(More)
Metaphor recognition presents a computational challenge, in part due to metaphoric deviation from literal thinking, and also because of a metaphor’s various linguistic expressions. This article forwards a new computational method, an integrated treatment of metaphor recognition from the computational perspective, which recent related studies have not(More)
This paper describes the model we designed for the word segmentation bakeoff on Chinese micro-blog data in the 2nd CIPS-SIGHAN joint conference on Chinese language processing. We presented a linear-time incremental model for word segmentation where rich features including character-based features, word-based features as well as other possible features can(More)