Changkuan Zhao

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It is very common that we can find edge-labeled graphs in many applications. And one of the most important issues is regular expression-based reachability query, i.e., to test if one vertex u has a path to another vertex v and the path labels are constrained by a regular expression. Exiting indices for processing classic reachability queries are not fit for(More)
As a fundamental problem, reachability query has been always the research emphasis in many applications in the near 20 years. Especially with the coming of the big data era, its efficiency plays a critical role. Although there are many research results for this issue, they all reach a scalability bottleneck. In this paper, we propose an index structure(More)
In this paper, we detail our efforts at designing a study to evaluate the quality of peer-grading for a SPOC course. Peer grading is an common used strategy to evaluate students learning performance in MOOC/SPOC courses. The strategy assign an author's work to his classmates who take the responsibility to be reviewers of the author's work. Both reviewer and(More)
It is common to find that many real world data graphs are edge-labeled, i.e., each edge attaches a label to indicate the relationship of the two vertices connected by the edge. A basic research issue on these graphs is how to make a query to test if the vertex u can reach the vertex v through the path constrained by a series of labels. In this paper, we(More)
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