Changjun Mu

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A photopolymerizable, methacrylated alginate was synthesized by conjugating methacryloyl groups to the side chains of alginate. Cell-enclosing microcapsules were subsequently prepared by the photopolymerization of cell-suspending methacrylated alginate droplets triggered by irradiation with visible light. Cells enclosed by this method remained alive in the(More)
Localized activation of the prodrug ifosfamide in or close to tumors by implanting encapsulated ifosfamide-activating cells is an efficacious strategy for tumor therapy. The aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of subsieve-size agarose capsules for enclosing the cells in this application. Compared with many conventional microcapsules,(More)
Biocompatibility of cell-enclosing capsules, defined as suppression of pericapsular cellular reactions, is one of the factors governing the success of enclosed cell transplantation in in vivo cell therapy. Agarose capsules of subsieve size, less than 100 microm in diameter, and conventional size, approximately 300-1,000 microm in diameter, were implanted(More)
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