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The CIE Technical Committee 8-01, color appearance models for color management applications, has recently proposed a single set of revisions to the CIECAM97s color appearance model. This new model, called CIECAM02, is based on CIECAM97s but includes many revisions and some simplifications. A partial list of revisions includes a linear chromatic adaptation(More)
Osteogenesis during bone modeling and remodeling is coupled with angiogenesis. A recent study showed that a specific vessel subtype, strongly positive for CD31 and endomucin (CD31hiEmcnhi), couples angiogenesis and osteogenesis. Here, we found that platelet-derived growth factor-BB (PDGF-BB) secreted by preosteoclasts induces CD31hiEmcnhi vessel formation(More)
We investigate methods for the recovery of reflectance spectra from the responses of trichromatic camera systems and the application of these methods to the problem of camera characterization. The recovery of reflectance from colorimetric data is an ill-posed problem, and a unique solution requires additional constraints. We introduce a novel method for(More)
This work presents a new method to reduce nonlinear artifacts in computed tomography (CT). Based on the traditional water-equivalent beam hardening correction method, a new systematic iterative algorithm has been designed to modify the original spectrum, which is under the influences of certain added filter materials and some unknown factors. By(More)
A new CIE color appearance model (CIECAM02) has been developed. This paper describes the three major drawbacks of the earlier CIECAM97s model, and shows how the new model performs in these color regions. In addition, both models were tested using available data groups. The results are consistent in that CIECAM02 performed as well as, or better than,(More)
Vascular calcification is an actively regulated process that culminates in organized extracellular matrix mineral deposition by osteoblast-like cells. The origins of the osteoblastic cells involved in this process and the underlying mechanisms remain to be defined. We previously revealed that active transforming growth factor (TGFβ) released from the(More)