Changjun Jiang

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This paper proposes a biometric-based user authentication protocol for wireless sensor networks (WSN) when a user wants to access data from sensor nodes, since WSN are often deployed in an unattended environment. The protocol employs biometric keys and resists the threats of stolen verifier, of which many are logged-in users with the same login identity,(More)
In this paper a genetic algorithm-based optimization procedure for ontology matching problem is presented as a feature-matching process. First, from a global view, we model the problem of ontology matching as an optimization problem of a mapping between two compared ontologies, and every ontology has its associated feature sets. Second, as a powerful(More)
Owing to their rapid development, services are increasing rapidly in quantity. The consequence is that there are so many services that share the same or similar functions. Therefore, it is important to select a credible and optimal service. Reputation as one of the important parameters of services plays a significant role in the decision support for service(More)
In this paper, we focus on the networking-theoretic multicast capacity for both random extended networks (REN) and random dense networks (RDN) under Gaussian Channel model, when all nodes are individually power-constrained. During the transmission, the power decays along path with the attenuation exponent α > 2. In REN and RDN, n nodes are randomly(More)
To improve the quality and composite the services with specific constraints using web services, Constraint aware approach based web service composition machines can automatically select, integrate and invoke different web services in-order to achieve the user specified task according to the user constraints. To implement this, first user has to register and(More)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology where a reader device can "sense'' the presence of a close by object by reading a tag device attached to the object. To guarantee the coverage quality, multiple RFID readers can be deployed in the given region. In this paper, we consider the problem of activation schedule for readers in a multi-reader(More)
Automated server parameter tuning is crucial to performance and availability of Internet applications hosted in cloud environments. It is challenging due to high dynamics and burstiness of workloads, multi-tier service architecture, and virtualized server infrastructure. In this paper, we investigate automated and agile server parameter tuning for(More)