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Electronic auctions have become an integral part of Electronic Commerce nowadays. Besides the popular single sided auction protocols, i.e. English auction, Vickrey auction etc., Continuous Double Auction (CDA) is an important auction protocol that permits multiple buyers and sellers to trade goods. Internet CDAs have been widely used in financial and(More)
Analysis by Forrester research revealed that 18% of global exports will flow online in 2004 and that the volume of e-commerce will surpass $400 billion. Digital rights protection is a major issue in the e-commerce of multimedia contents. Watermarking technology has been proposed as a promising enabling technology for the rights protection of multimedia(More)
Electronic voting has become one of the most popular activities over the Internet. Security and privacy are always regarded as crucial factors in electronic voting system design. Various secure voting schemes have been proposed in the past several years to ensure the safe operation of electronic voting and most of them have focused on the common <i>"one(More)
Extensive studies have been made on electronic voting in the last twenty years, and many schemes have been proposed, in which both security and effectiveness have been improved. However, most available secure vote schemes mainly focused on the simple "one man, one vote" plurality protocol. In this paper, we address the security issues of the Borda voting(More)
New technologies have introduced new ways in business transactions where online contracting is complementing and even substituting traditional paper-based transactions. One of the major recent innovations of online contracting is the use of intelligent agents to make contracts among users and businesses around the globe. Despite recent legislations on(More)