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UNLABELLED It has been a great challenge to develop aldehyde-free tissue adhesives that can function rapidly and controllably on wet internal tissues with fine adhesion strength, sound biocompatibility and degradability. To this end, we have devised a mussel-inspired easy-to-use double-crosslink tissue adhesive (DCTA) comprising a dopamine-conjugated(More)
Airy-Bessel configuration wave packets are believed to be exotic localized linear light bullets (LLBs) without spatiotemporal spread during propagation in free space. By carefully studying the propagation of ideal Airy-Bessel wave packets (ABWs) in free space, several new results were obtained. Cubic spatially induced dispersion (SID) slightly broadens Airy(More)
Hydrogels have been promising candidate scaffolds for cell delivery and tissue engineering due to their tissue-like physical properties and capability for homogeneous cell loading. However, the encapsulated cells are generally entrapped and constrained in the submicron- or nanosized gel networks, seriously limiting cell growth and tissue formation.(More)
Based on the Ritchey-Chretien system, a refractive/reflective system with four aspheric surfaces (including two high order aspheric surfaces) was designed with the help of CODE V software. It has a focal length of 880mm, F number of 5.6, waveband of 0.43-0.7um, and field of view reaches 3°. It is shown that the value of modulation transfer function(More)
A head-mounted projective display lens with a field-of-view of 50o for medical application is designed. The exit pupil diameter of the system is 8mm, while the maximum diameter of the lens is 10 mm. The total length of the designed system is 10 mm and the weight is only 5g .The maximum distortion of the system is less than 0.64%and the maximum field(More)
Hydrogels have been widely regarded as promising tissue engineering scaffolds and cell delivery vehicles, however, their inherent submicron- or nano-scale polymer networks severely inhibit the settlement of anchorage dependent cells (ADCs). Here, using endothelial progenitor outgrowth cells (EPOCs) as the typical ADCs, a gelatin-based micro-cavitary gel(More)
One bottleneck in tissue regeneration with hydrogel scaffolds is the limited understanding of the crucial factors for controlling hydrogel's physical microenvironments to regulate cell fate. Here, the effects of permeability and living space of hydrogels on encapsulated cells' behavior were evaluated, respectively. Three model hydrogel-based constructs are(More)
We introduce another type of Pearcey beam, namely, dual Pearcey (DP) beams, based on the Pearcey function of catastrophe theory. DP beams are experimentally generated by applying Fresnel diffraction of bright elliptic rings. Form-invariant Bessel distribution beams can be regarded as a special case of DP beams. Subsequently, the basic propagation(More)
BACKGROUND Seroma formation is a common postsurgical complication of breast cancer surgery. It delays wound healing and may lead to other more serious complications. Conventional methods of reducing seroma formation through suturing or placement of surgical drainage produce inconsistent clinical outcomes. Tissue adhesives are viable alternatives but most of(More)