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Although various emerging technologies have been launched, they present limitations as far as offering full-scale ubiquitous services independently is concerned. In view of this fact, service providers are likely to provide bundled services among possible combinations of services. Indeed, making a timely decision regarding the value maximization of bundled(More)
This paper examines several key factors affecting the adoption rate of broadband Internet access in 31 provinces of China by employing the Stochastic Frontier Analysis Model. It was found that disposable income, penetration rate of fixed phones, number of Internet users, and educational attainment were the most important factors in the adoption of(More)
Fixed–mobile convergence (FMC) is a radical innovation for telecommunication companies because it requires them to move into unknown territories that are beyond traditional business lines and underlying technologies. In the meantime, understanding what types of telecommunication companies are better at doing business through the early adoption of FMC has(More)
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