Changi Ki Baek

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The electronic and photoconductive characteristics of CdTe nanowire-based field effect transistors were studied systematically. The electrical characterization of a single CdTe nanowire FET verifies p-type behavior. The CdTe NW FETs respond to visible-near infrared (400-800 nm) incident light with a fast, reversible and stable response characterized by a(More)
A schematic view of the furnace used for the CdTe nanowire synthesis by the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) technique is shown in figure S1. In this system, the carrier gas transports the source material vapors from upstream to downstream in the quartz tube. The CdTe powder (Alfa company, 99.99%), 0.03g for all samples, was placed in a high-purity alumina crucible(More)
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