Changhyeon Lee

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This paper describes collaborative social authoring technique using SNS (Social Network Service) contents, especially SNS event photos uploaded to Facebook by the author and collaborating authors. The main motivation of our research is to support the collaboration among event participants for co-authoring of event contents systematically while gathering(More)
As real-time broadcasting services are becoming more popular, many people are sharing live events with remote users. Despite the success of real-time broadcasting services, a number of restrictions still exist in such enriching the real-time events and indexing them in an automatic and implicit manner. In this paper, we present a social media platform to(More)
In a single-child household, babies lack peer experiences critical to their development and overall happiness. Likewise, parents are exhausted from work and childcare, so they often miss the most precious moments of their beloved babies. With single-child households prevailing in South Korea, lonely babies and exhausted parents are now common sights. Buddy(More)
We consider a multimodal method for smart-watch text entry, called “Vouch,” which combines touch and voice input. Touch input is familiar and has good ergonomic accessibility, but is limited by the fat-finger problem (or equivalently, the screen size) and is sensitive to user motion. Voice input is mostly immune to slow user motion, but its reliability may(More)
We are describing collaborative authoring technology over the network. One of the components in our authoring technology is photo recommendation system, in which recommended photos will be used in collaborative video authoring and social album. The recommended photos are derived from Facebook, by referring properties of photos currently available on the(More)
our research focuses on developing Virtual Supporting System (VSS). In this paper, we implement tangible baseball supporting system on virtual world. In virtual world, Second Life, Croquet, Wonderland, etc. we can enjoy shopping, watching movie, dancing and so on. In this paper, we discuss about collaborative supporting method among virtual world users and(More)
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