Changhwa Kim

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The underwater sensor network environment differs substantially from a terrestrial sensor network in the aspect of the communication medium so Acoustic communication is alternative, which is relatively very slow and narrow bandwidth compared with Radio Frequency. In this paper, we propose an underwater sensor network architecture and then present the(More)
Recently, there has been large interest on short and medium range underwater communication systems for various applications. In this work, we investigate a moving communication system equipped with bio-inspired fish robots. A protocol stack encompassing physical layer, medium access control layer and network layer is designed for a packet-based hierarchical(More)
We propose a secured Media Access Control (MAC) protocol based on RTS/CTS mechanism for underwater acoustic networks. We use the CCM-UW mode by modifying CCM* (Counter with Cipher Block Chaining-Message Authentication Code (CBC-MAC)) mode for underwater acoustic communication, based on AES/ARIA block cipher algorithm. It provides three security services,(More)