Changhun Lee

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Studies of aberrations in second messenger function may help to elucidate some of the multiple complex neurobiological alterations in bipolar affective disorders. The phosphatidylinositol and calcium ion (Ca2+) second messengers are of particular interest because of evidence of hyperactivity of these signaling mechanisms in both mania and bipolar depression(More)
The negative aspects of smartphone overuse on young adults, such as sleep deprivation and attention deficits, are being increasingly recognized recently. This emerging issue motivated us to analyze the usage patterns related to smartphone overuse. We investigate smartphone usage for 95 college students using surveys, logged data, and interviews. We first(More)
Thumb twitch in response to "train-of-4" nerve stimulation was observed in 34 anesthetized patients receiving d-tubocurarine. Over the range of 75 to 100 percent block of the 1st twitch in the train, the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st twitch become undetectable, in that order. The reappearance of twitch by spontaneous recovery also occurs predictably, following the(More)
Emerging continuous sensing apps introduce new major factors governing phones' overall battery consumption behaviors: (1) added nontrivial persistent battery drain, and more importantly (2) different battery drain rate depending on the user's different mobility condition. In this paper, we address the new battery impacting factors significant enough to(More)
This paper presents the overview of parallel computer models. Practical parallel machines which are parallel virtual machine (PVP), symmetric multiprocessor (SMP), massively parallel processor (MPP), distributed shared memory (DSM), and clusters of workstation (COWs) are described. According to the classification of practical parallel machines, this paper(More)
439 and PDL with SSS circuit occupy almost equal die area. For HSPICE simulations, we have used a netlist extracted from layout which includes the parasitic capacitances and resistances of transistors and interconnect lines. For both the adders, the width of evaluation transistors was 10 m. For delay measurement, input vectors changed from delay of the 32-b(More)
We propose PADA, a new power evaluation tool to measure and optimize power use of mobile sensing applications. Our motivational study with 53 professional developers shows they face huge challenges in meeting power requirements. The key challenges are from the significant time and effort for repetitive power measurements since the power use of sensing(More)
Recently, a number of continuous sensing applications have been actively proposed in research communities and commercially released in the market. However, due to their unique power characteristics, user behavior-dependent battery drain, they bring new challenges for users' power management on these applications. In this demonstration, we present a(More)