Changhua Zhu

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Nonstationarity and nonlinearity are found by the analysis of various delay series measured from different Internet links. The fact that different types of links have different degrees of self-similarity is also obtained. By constructing appropriate network architecture and neural functions, functional networks can be used to model the Internet end-to-end(More)
A new QoS (quality of services)-oriented hybrid admission control (QHAC) scheme in IEEE 802.11 WLAN is proposed, in which the influence of the mobile station with slow speed on other stations is decreased by limiting its inter-request time. In addition, end-to-end performance metrics are also measured and applied to make a decision to admission control of(More)
In this paper we present a new reconstruction algorithm. This algorithm is based on the Advanced Marking Scheme (AMS), and it works with a two-dimensional threshold mfd decides if a node is on the attack path by judging the situation of the edge of the packet and the Hash value match, then consequently reduces the time of reconstruction and overhead and(More)
W-state is an important resource for many quantum information processing tasks. In this paper, we for the first time propose a multi-party measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD) protocol based on W-state. With linear optics, we design a W-state analyzer in order to distinguish the four-qubit W-state. This analyzer constructs the(More)
This paper presents a network topology visualization algorithm based on A* algorithm. This algorithm is not only very universally applicable which can improve greatly the speed of operation and save the memory and meet the real-time requirement of network topology visualization, but also solve the problem of loop caused by single topology visualization(More)
Intrusion detection and vulnerability analysis play the same important roles in wireless infrastructure as in wired infrastructure. In this chapter we briefly present the methods and technologies of intrusion detection and vulnerability analysis. Then we give the security issues in various wireless networking technologies, analyze the vulnerability of the(More)
Active probe is the main method for Internet end-toend available bandwidth estimation. Based on the analysis of packet gap in active probing, an improved method to estimate available bandwidth is proposed, which is based on the concept of self-induced congestion. In this method, the transmission rates of probe packets are increased step by step and a new(More)
In quantum cryptography network routing selection is an important task for performing end-to-end key agreement. In the paper, we propose a stochastic routing algorithm based on distance vector and residual key bits. The main idea is that after all the shortest paths have been obtained, the communication key bits can be transmitted randomly in any path with(More)
In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for discovering physical topology in heterogeneous (i.e. multi-vendor) single subnet IP networks. Our algorithm is based on standard SNMP MIB information that is widely supported by modern IP network elements. Algorithm resorts to the port's traffic when AFT information is insufficient. Simulation and analysis(More)
Since traditional aviation bus gradually can not meet the needs of modern military communication, migration of aviation bus towards high speed transmission is arousing wide concern. This paper purposes a method for improving throughput and transmission rate of the aviation bus while reserving legacy devices. In addition to cost, the logistics of(More)