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Thresholding is an efficient technique for image segmentation. Otsu is frequently used in digital image processing. Two-dimensional Otsu threshold algorithm has been proposed based on Otsu algorithm. This paper gives an improved two-dimensional Otsu segmentation method which changes the coordinate system of the two-dimensional histogram to strengthen(More)
In this paper, we propose a Fuzzy-PID composite parameters' controller. Fuzzy control based on human language and habits of mind belongs to Intelligent Control, is applicable in automatic control field in complex system without accurate mathematic model. However, general fuzzy controller has steady-state static error. While PID can eliminate static error(More)
Adaptive median filtering method was mainly used for filtering Salt&Pepper (impulse) noise, while the method based on Curvelet transform was mainly used for filtering Gaussian noise. In the actual processing for sealed rubber ring image, which usually contains the mixture of Salt&Pepper noise and Gaussian noise. In order to filter out the mixed(More)
Non-subsampled Contourlet transform(NSCT) with translational invariance was applied to image denoising, which could capture the intrinsic geometrical structure of bottle image. After the scale of NSCT is determined, using NSCT to transform the noisy image of glass bottle. A low frequency component and some high frequency components will be obtained. Through(More)
In multi-agent systems, agents are inclined to form coalitions to improve individual performance and perform tasks more efficiently. However, the most existing researches assume that the desired outcome is a coalition structure that consists of disjoint coalitions where every agent that has joined a coalition is no longer available to join other coalitions,(More)
The sophisticated computerized embroidery machine controller is urgently needed in embroidery industry. We designed a kind of scheme with dual-core processor to implement its function. The controller can be divided into two parts, the host computer part takes S3C2410X as its core controller, it fulfills function of network, graphic user interface and etc(More)
When using the Ah counting method to estimate state of charge of battery on electric vehicle, it is difficult to measure the initial SOC, and will bring accumulated errors. In order to solve the above problem, we design an algorithm which integrates the open circuit voltage method (OCV), Kalman filter (KF) and Ah counting method (Ah) in this paper. With the(More)
In this paper, we propose a computerized embroidery This paper proposes a new scheme of computerized machine’s controller based on ARM and DSP, which divides the embroidery machine’s controller. According to the whole system into two modules. The main control module based performance index of the machine, our controller is based on on Samsung S3C2410X,(More)
Fluorescence spectroscopy is a rapid and non-destructive method for monitoring water quality. In this work, wavelet analysis, together with independent component analysis (ICA), was applied for component recognition of seriously overlapped, multi-component, three dimensional fluorescence spectra. Wavelet analysis extracts the features of the spectra and(More)
With the development of communication and embedded technology, using the mainstream of embedded platform and advanced data communication network to achieve intelligent monitoring has been gotten more and more attentions. In order to realize monitor and control the multi-component pollution gases of industrial Park in real time. The paper proposes an(More)