Changhang Xu

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Corrosion of concrete reinforcement members has been recognized as a predominant structural deterioration mechanism for steel reinforced concrete structures. Many corrosion detection techniques have been developed for reinforced concrete structures, but a dependable one is more than desired. Acoustic emission technique and fiber optic sensing have emerged(More)
Existing theories and computer models for packed columns are either incapable of handling complex pellet shapes or based on simplified pellet geometry. A digital packing algorithm, namely DigiPac, has recently been developed to fill the gap. It is capable of packing of particles of any shapes and sizes in a container of arbitrary geometry, and is a first(More)
We developed a new approach for sizing subsurface defects in the square pulse thermography of metallic plates by employing the oriented gradient of histograms. To size defects with high accuracies is still a challenge in infrared (IR) thermography today. Especially for blurry defects, accurate sizing of them is difficult with existing methods. The oriented(More)
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