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Much has been done to search for highly efficient and inexpensive electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), which is critical to a range of electrochemical and photoelectrochemical processes. A new, high-temperature solution-phase method for the synthesis of ultrathin WS2 nanoflakes is now reported. The resulting product possesses(More)
We identified a wheat stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) effector candidate (PEC6) with pattern-triggered immunity (PTI) suppression function and its corresponding host target. PEC6 compromised PTI host species-independently. In Nicotiana benthamiana, it hampers reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulation and callose deposition induced by Pseudomonas(More)
Thin-layer, two-dimensional NbSe2 nanosheets with lower trap density have been obtained and act as an alternative hole-transporting layer to replace MoO3 in organic solar cells. If poly({4,8-bis[(2-ethylhexyl)oxy]benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b']dithiophene-2,6-diyl}{3-fluoro-2-[(2-ethylhexyl)carbonyl]thieno[3,4-b]thiophenediyl}):[6,6]-phenyl-C71-butyric acid methyl(More)
Chiral separations of five β-adrenergic antagonists (propranolol, esmolol, atenolol, metoprolol, and bisoprolol) were studied by capillary electrophoresis using six cyclodextrins (CDs) as the chiral selectors. Carboxymethylated-β-cyclodextrin (CM-β-CD) exhibited a higher enantioselectivity power compared to the other tested CDs. The influences of the(More)
BACKGROUND The new medical insurance policy (JRSYF(2010) No.255) was released by the Beijing Municipal Government and became effective on January 1, 2011. Medical expenses incurred during a stay in an emergency department (ED) observation unit can be reimbursed as a hospital admission. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of a new charging(More)
The effect of the discharge pressure on the performance of the trans-critical CO2 heat pump with a low gas-cooler outlet temperature is experimentally investigated on a test rig of water source heat-pump water heater. The optimal discharge pressure of the trans-critical CO2 heat pump is investigated under different external operation conditions. When the(More)
The purpose of this paper was to study the chiral recognition mechanism of enantioseparation of adrenaline and its analogues using capillary electrophoresis. The enantiomeric separation of adrenaline and its analogues has been developed using beta-cyclodextrins as the chiral selectors. All the tested compounds were separated under the same experimental(More)
We propose an approach for implementing a modal wavefront sensor using a binary phase-only multiplexed computer-generated hologram (BPMCGH). To simplify the coding and fabricating processes, a model based on tilt plane reference waves and an effective coding scheme for BPMCGH have been developed. The necessary number of subholograms to be recorded or coded(More)
Polypyrrole nanotubes (PPyNTs)/PtAu alloy nanoparticle (NP) hybrids were synthesized in gram-scale by using covalently attached imidazolium moieties as a linker. The approach involves the surface functionalization of PPyNTs with pendant imidazolium moieties (PPyNT-Im), anion-exchange with Pt and Au precursors, and followed by the reduction of metal ions to(More)
Developing active, stable, and low-cost electrocatalysts to generate hydrogen is a great challenge in the fields of chemistry and energy. The nonprecious metal catalysts comprised of inexpensive and earth-abundant transition metals, regarded as promising substitute for noble metal catalysts used in hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), are still practically(More)