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Preparation and Characterization of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Supported Platinum for Cathode Catalysts of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Multiwalled carbon nanotube-supported Pt (Pt/MWNT) nanocomposites were prepared by both the aqueous solution reduction of a Pt salt (HCHO reduction) and the reduction of a Pt ion salt in ethyleneExpand
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Preparation and characterization of activated carbon from wood via microwave-induced ZnCl2 activation
Abstract Microwave heating, in which ZnCl2 was used as activation agent and heating carrier, has been successfully used to prepare activated carbon from wood. The process is simple and only takes aExpand
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Conversion of highly concentrated cellulose to 1,2-propanediol and ethylene glycol over highly efficient CuCr catalysts
Direct hydrogenolysis of highly concentrated cellulose (up to 15 wt%) into 1,2-propanediol and ethylene glycol without the formation of coke-like precipitates could be performed over CuCr catalysts.Expand
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Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of anisole as lignin model compound over supported nickel catalysts
Abstract Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) of anisole, a methoxy-rich lignin model compound, has been investigated over a series of Ni-containing (10 wt% loading) catalysts with activated carbon,Expand
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Template Preparation of Highly Active and Selective Cu–Cr Catalysts with High Surface Area for Glycerol Hydrogenolysis
High surface area Cu–Cr catalysts had been prepared via a facile carbon template route, and characterized by N2 physisorption, temperature-programmed reduction, X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy,Expand
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Hydrodeoxygenation of Benzofuran over Silica–Alumina-Supported Pt, Pd, and Pt–Pd Catalysts
A series of monometallic Pt and Pd and alloyed Pt–Pd catalysts (mole ratio of Pt/Pd = 1, 4, and 0.25) were prepared with silica–alumina as support. CO chemisorption and X-ray diffraction (XRD) wereExpand
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A novel approach to synthesizing highly active Ni2P/SiO2 hydrotreating catalysts
Silica-supported nickel phosphide particles with high dispersion were obtained by treating nickel metal particles on a support with 10% PH3/H2. Because the phosphidation occurred at relatively lowExpand
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PdAg/CNT catalyzed alcohol oxidation reaction for high-performance anion exchange membrane direct alcohol fuel cell (alcohol=methanol, ethanol, ethylene glycol and glycerol)
Abstracts PdAg supported on carbon nanotubes (PdAg/CNT) with an average particle size of 2.7 nm is prepared by an aqueous phase reduction method for alcohol oxidation reaction in direct alcohol fuelExpand
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Aqueous-Phase Hydrogenation of Succinic Acid to γ-Butyrolactone and Tetrahydrofuran over Pd/C, Re/C, and Pd–Re/C Catalysts
Monometallic Pd/C and Re/C and bimetallic Pd–Re/C catalysts with different Re/Pd molar ratios were prepared by incipient-wetness impregnation and characterized by temperature-programmed reduction,Expand
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Synthesis and Catalytic Properties for Phenylacetylene Hydrogenation of Silicide Modified Nickel Catalysts
Interstitial silicide-modified nickel, with high selectivity in some hydrogenation reactions, had been produced by dissolving silicon atoms into the nickel lattices. The metallic nickel was obtainedExpand
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