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In this paper, one investigates the dynamic behaviors of one-prey multi-predator model with Holling type II functional response by introducing impulsive biological control strategy (periodic releasing natural enemies at different fixed time). By using Floquet theorem and small amplitude perturbation method, it is proved that there exists an asymptotically(More)
We propose an enhancement to the method for lossless compression of hyperspectral images using two-stage prediction (IP3-BPS). The original IP3-BPS method used a two-stage predictor. The stage-1 predictor took advantage of spatial data correlation and formulated the derivation of a spectral domain predictor as a process of Wiener filtering. The stage-2(More)
Interband coding techniques are needed for effective compression of hyperspectral images, since high interband correlation cannot be exploited by intraband prediction. In this letter, an interband version of GAP (gradient adjusted prediction) is proposed by combining a linear prediction with a gradient adjusted prediction. The corresponding prediction(More)