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UNLABELLED Invasive pathogens interface with the host and its resident microbiota through interkingdom signaling. The bacterial receptor QseC, which is a membrane-bound histidine sensor kinase, responds to the host stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine and the bacterial signal AI-3, integrating interkingdom signaling at the biochemical level.(More)
Internet worms pose a serious threat to the Internet security. In order to effectively defend against Internet worms, this paper proposes a novel epidemic e-SEIQV model with quarantine and vaccination. Using this e-SEIQV model, we obtain the basic reproduction number for determining whether the worm dies out completely. The global stability of the worm-free(More)
Good point set scanning-based self learning worms can reach a stupendous propagation speed in virtue of the non-uniform vulnerable-host distribution. In order to terminate such self-learning worms, this paper proposes an interaction model. Using the interaction model, we obtain the basic reproduction number. The impact of different parameters of predators(More)