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Secret surveillance in tightly constrained spaces is demanded in many military and civilian activities, such as cave-in enemy raids and indoor hostage rescue missions. These special applications require a kind of miniature mobile robot to function covertly in highly confined environments. However, the crucial problem resulted from the small volume of(More)
A wheel-legged hybrid robot was put forward. First, the mechanical design of this chassis was introduced. Second, based on the kinematic analysis, comparison between the robot with the active transition system and that with the passive transition system was made. Third, the process of overcoming three kinds of obstacles was simulated. Finally, the(More)
Large-scope surveillance is demanded in many civilian activities. These special tasks require a kind of autonomous mobile robot. We present a miniature autonomous robot ("BMS-1", BIT MicroScout-1) for large-scale indoor reconnaissance and surveillance missions. However, the small volume of BMS-1 results in the difficulty of implementing autonomous capacity(More)
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