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A capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer structure for use in underwater imaging is designed, fabricated and tested in this paper. In this structure, a silicon dioxide insulation layer is inserted between the top electrodes and the vibration membrane to prevent ohmic contact. The capacitance-voltage (C-V) characteristic curve shows that the(More)
An ultrasonic transducer is a key component to achieve ultrasonic imaging. This paper designs a new type of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) based capacitive ultrasonic transducer and a linear array based on the transducer. Through directivity analysis, it can be found that its directivity is weak due to the small size of the designed transducer, but(More)
A 1 × 16 capacitive micro-machined ultrasonic transducer linear array was designed, fabricated, and tested for underwater imaging in the low frequency range. The linear array was fabricated using Si-SOI bonding techniques. Underwater transmission performance was tested in a water tank, and the array has a resonant frequency of 700 kHz, with pressure(More)
Currently, most capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducers, adopting surface sacrificial technology encounter various problems such as difficult cavity etch, low controllability of membrane thickness etc., and their operating frequencies are more concentrated in several MHz bandwidths that cannot meet the requirements of long-distance imaging(More)
A fast integrated gate driver with amorphous silicon thin film transistor (a-Si:H TFT) is proposed in this paper. To improve the circuit speed, a new input scheme is designed to provide a full scale pre-charge voltage. So the loss of pre-charge voltage, a challenge in the conventional designs, is avoided. Simulations show that the proposed gate driver has a(More)
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