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Based on the extensive literature review, this paper summarized of the characteristics of creative industries and concluded that the uncertainty of creative industries implicit in the whole process of the "Creativity" industrialization. Reflect it in three main aspects: the uncertainty of the creative products formation, the uncertainty of the consumer(More)
This paper has examined the modularization tendency of fashion firms by characteristic analysis and provided the framework of value creation to policy-makers in handling with fresh ideas and new design, exploration and development of fashion products and dissemination and consumption of fashion goods. The benefit of this model presented in this paper is to(More)
In the recent years, a hot research topic in the literature is designing useful learning diagnosis systems. In order to set up effective parameters that are frequently used in the learning platforms, we advance three types of learning parameter improvement mechanisms in this article. The proposed learning parameter improvement mechanisms have three useful(More)
With the prosperity of IT industry, the focus of many internationalization services studies have been on software and related products. However, due to the newness of the technology, little research has been conducted on the internationalization of Instant Messaging (IM) firms. This study aims to address this gap by examining five cases: AIM, MSN Messenger,(More)
This paper uses importance-performance analysis (IPA) to examine the difference between the importance of e-service quality and websites' actual performance. A 22 items questionnaire was handed out to buyers of 4 retail websites. The Scale-centered diagonal line IPA grids illustrated that the 10 e-service attributes fell into the Concentrate Here quadrant;(More)
Based on the equity theory and the characteristics of the culture industry, this article defined cultural property and cultural property transaction, and then discussed the cause of cultural property trade market and its function. The conclusion shows that cultural property transaction market can rationalize the distribution of resources, discover value and(More)
Within this work, A two-stage active vibration isolation system used for precision equipment on vehicle is designed based on its random vibration environments and high stability requirements. This paper deals with the dynamic model and virtual prototype simulation of this system. The current methods commonly used in vibration control are introduced firstly.(More)
Seasonal products such as apparel or electronic products have the characteristics of short lifecycle. The uncertain demand in their short lifecycle makes the challenge on seasonal products supply chain management. The value of seasonal products which decreases quickly has affected on the pricing of the product. RFID platform could trace the product value(More)
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