Changbo Wang

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Weakly supervised image segmentation is an important yet challenging task in image processing and pattern recognition fields. It is defined as: in the training stage, semantic labels are only at the image-level, without regard to their specific object/scene location within the image. Given a test image, the goal is to predict the semantics of every(More)
There would be value to several domains in discovering and visualizing sentiments in online posts. This paper presents SentiView, an interactive visualization system that aims to analyze public sentiments for popular topics on the Internet. SentiView combines uncertainty modeling and model-driven adjustment. By searching and correlating frequent words in(More)
A snowing scene has a unique fascination for people due to its incomparable beauty. However, little work has been presented on the real-time generation of a dynamic snowing scene, partially due to the difficulty that the simulation of a dynamic snowing process involves the complex modeling of the wind field and the interaction between wind and snow. In this(More)
Emergency evacuation has many applications in computer animation, virtual reality, architecture planning, safety science, etc. However, current methods most focus on the agent-based modeling and simulation. These simulation results can not consider the human behavior fully and their reliabilities are doubtable. This paper presents a new method to simulate(More)
Depth sensors, including Kinect and Xtion, open up a new possibility for future human-computer interaction (HCI). Even though there already are some mature methods of detecting human skeleton and poses using depth sensors, it is still an unsolved problem to detect hands and recognize delicate gestures effectively, because hands are too small a part in the(More)
Simulating large-scale fluid while retaining and rendering details still remains to be a difficult task in spite of rapid advancements of computer graphics during the last two decades. Grid-based methods can be easily extended to handle large-scale fluid, yet they are unable to preserve sub-grid surface details like spray and foam without multi-level grid(More)
This paper presents a hybrid animation approach to the flexible and rapid crack simulation of brittle material. At the physical level, the local stress tensors induced by collision are analyzed by using the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) formulation. Specifically, in order to determine the internal stress when rigid bodies collide with each other or(More)
Customizing a desired naturalistic fluid simulation result from video to obtain similar artistic effect is significant in practice. But art-directed customizing is challengeable due to the chaotic nature of the physics contained in it, and this still remains to be a difficult task in spite of rapid advancements of computer graphics during the last two(More)