Changbing Jiang

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The accession of China to the World Trade Organization should provide greater access to an erstwhile-untapped market. Trade and foreign investments are expected to increase rapidly. Under this setting, an enormous challenge is posed to the logistics industry as it endeavours to meet the increased demands of the market. Based on the secondary data, this(More)
Constructing a scientific and effective bank risk forewarning model is an important measure to effectively guard against and defuse risks in commercial banks. This article constructs a bank risk forewarning model using BP neural network and principal component analysis method. Meanwhile, being aimed at that it takes a long time while processing the mass(More)
In this paper, we propose graph theory model to the layout planning of airport logistics park. First, several commonly used facilities layout methods were introduced and a comparative analysis was made out respectively. Secondly, an empirical study of Ningbo airport logistics park was carried out based on graph theory to the layout planning of core(More)
As a result of the dot-com collapse and the slowdown in the economy, the flood of venture capital dollars for e-commerce has evaporated. E-commerce companies have been enforced to review their core competence. E-commerce Website Core Competence (EWCC) has been touted to be a critical component that can assist a company in its strategies to become(More)
Urban logistics infrastructure (ULI) is an important area of urban competition capability. The connotation of logistics infrastructure capability (LIC) is analyzed in this paper. Compared with the extensive research on ULI in developed world, empirical work is still rare in developing world. In this paper the theory of ULI is firstly overviewed. Then a new(More)
Transportation will be increasingly vital in China as the nation's economy continues to change from a planned, centralized system to one that is market-based and decentralized. In this paper, we propose a Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach to evaluate Transportation System Efficiency (TSE) for 31 major regions (including 23 provinces, 4 municipalities(More)
Cooperating with China Materials Storage & Transportation Association, Modern Logistics Study Center of Zhejiang Gongs hang University examined the current status of storage, transportation and logistics industries, with a magnitude covering logistics and storage companies in different cities in Zhejiang, China. The object is to fully comprehend the(More)