Changbin Hu

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Conventional switching-table-based direct power control (STDPC) presents irregular power ripples and variable switching frequency, due to the use of predefined switching table and hysteresis comparators. This paper proposes an improved DPC for three-phase pulsewidth modulation (PWM) rectifier with simple calculation. The concept of duty cycle control is(More)
According to controllability theory of nonlinear coordinated control with multi-agent, this paper proposes a coordinative optimization method based on the model predictive control (MPC) to achieve the coordination control of energy allocation. Between the micro sources with the incremental cost of consistency algorithm for leader-follower, using an(More)
According to the topological structure of wind-storage-load complementation microgrids, this paper proposes an energy coordinative optimization method based on the prediction framework to achieve the coordination control of energy allocation and improve the economic benefits of microgrids. In the first place, according to the requirements of the actual(More)
In this paper, the inverter control strategy based on Virtual Synchronous Generator (VSG) is analyzed and the power loops of VSG are explained. Then the eigenvalue method of small-signal modeling is used to prove the stability of the VSG. The key parameters including inertial coefficient, exciting coefficient, drooping coefficient and the virtual impedance(More)
In microgrid, the traditional centralized control strategy is a convenient way to realize system control and schedule, but it is completely dependent on communication which reduces the reliability of system, and plug and play is difficult to be realized for the distributed generator (DG). In order to overcome these challenges, this paper proposes a(More)
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