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Hepatoprotective effect of total flavonoids from Laggera alata against carbon tetrachloride-induced injury in primary cultured neonatal rat hepatocytes and in rats with hepatic damage.
The present investigation was the first to verify the hepatoprotective effect of L. alata in vitro and in vivo, and is likely related to its potent antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activity. Expand
Effect of total phenolics from Laggera alata on acute and chronic inflammation models.
Results indicated that TPLA possesses potent anti-inflammatory activity on acute and chronic inflammation models and is probably associated with the inhibition of prostaglandin formation, the influence on the antioxidant systems, and the suppression of LZM release. Expand
Simultaneous determination of four alkaloids in Lindera aggregata by ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.
The results indicated that ultra-high-pressure liquid Chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry provided improved chromatographic parameters resulting in significantly increased sample throughput including lower solvent consumption and lower limits of quantitation (LOQs) for most of target analytes compared to previous method employing conventional high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) separation. Expand
Hepatoprotective and antioxidative effects of total phenolics from Laggera pterodonta on chemical-induced injury in primary cultured neonatal rat hepatocytes.
The present investigation is the first to report chemical-induced injury model in primary cultured neonatal rat hepatocytes and provide evidence for the hepatoprotective and antioxidative effects of L. pterodonta and support the folkloric uses of this plant in the treatment of hepatitis. Expand
Preparation and physicochemical characterizations of tanshinone IIA solid dispersion
The present studies indicated that the planetary ball mill technique could be considered as a novel and efficient method to prepare solid dispersion formulations. Expand
Sesquiterpene lactones from the root tubers of Lindera aggregata.
Five new sesquiterpene lactones, linderagalactones A-E (1-5), linderane, hydroxylindestenolide, and linderalactone showed hepatoprotective activity against H2O2-induced oxidative damages on HepG2 cells with EC(50) values of 67.5, 167.4, and 98.0 microM, respectively. Expand
Isolation, purification and identification of polysaccharides from cultured Cordyceps militaris.
Four polysaccharides from the water extract of cultured Cordyceps militaris were isolated through ethanol precipitation, deproteination and gel-filtration chromatography and the structures of two of them were elucidated by sugar analysis, Smith degradation, IR and (13)C-NMR spectroscopy. Expand
Alkaloids from Lindera Aggregata
Among them, the 1D NMR chemical shifts of (+)-norboldine (2) showed a remarkable environmental sensitive behavior, and all the alkaloids were tested in cytotoxicity assays against L1210 and K562 tumor cell lines; only (+)-Norboldine showed weak activity against the L 1210 cell line. Expand
Does Microcystis aeruginosa have quorum sensing?
It is demonstrated that Microcystis aeruginosa PCC-7820 could produce QS-related signal acylated homoserine lactones (AHLs) among the metabolite of axenic M. aerugInosa, based on bioassay and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis. Expand
Diarylheptanoids and a monoterpenoid from the rhizomes of Zingiber officinale: antioxidant and cytoprotective properties.
  • Q. Tao, Yan Xu, +13 authors Yu Zhao
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of natural products
  • 5 January 2008
These compounds were demonstrated to exhibit potent protection against lipid peroxidation in mouse liver microsomes exposed to oxidative conditions and to exhibit strong superoxide anion radical scavenging activities in a phenazine methosulfate-NADH system. Expand