Chang-wei Xiong

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In this paper, we demonstrate a source of photon pairs based on four-wave-mixing in photonic crystal fibres. Careful engineering of the phase matching conditions in the fibres enables us to create photon pairs at 597 nm and 860 nm in an intrinsically factorable state showing no spectral correlations. This allows for heralding one photon in a pure state and(More)
The fundamental parameters of the superconducting state such as coherence length and pairing strength are essential for understanding the nature of superconductivity. These parameters can be estimated by measuring critical parameters such as upper critical field, Hc2. In this work, Hc2 of a superconducting (110) LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface is determined through(More)
By using the accelerometer measurements from CHAMP and GRACE satellites, the tidal signatures of the thermospheric mass density and zonal wind at midlatitudes have been analyzed in this study. The results show that the mass density and zonal wind at southern midlatitudes are dominated by a longitudinal wave-1 pattern. The most prominent tidal components in(More)
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