Chang-le Zhou

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Chinese segmentation is an important issue in Chinese text processing. The traditional segmentation methods those depend on an existing dictionary suffer the drawbacks when encounter unknown words. The paper proposed a segmenting algorithm for Chinese based on extracting local context information. It added the context information of the testing text into(More)
Forecasting in financial market has been difficult task due to its non linearity and high volatility. Effective modeling of forecasting is a major concern for financial market participants. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a statistical technique under the non linear regression model. ANNs do consider the non parametric aspects like semantics, emotions(More)
This paper discusses proportional odds model and similarity on the construction of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) chronic gastritis syndrome model. The syndromes explain the true relationships among a set of symptoms, which can be characterized by marginal probabilities and conditional probabilities. The former represents the distribution of levels of(More)
An attack specification language is constructed based on enhanced attack tree model first, but this language is not power enough to depict some characters of multi-level intrusions. To address this problem, a more powerful language, Z language, is introduced to define the attack schemas. In this language, the representations of relations among nodes are(More)
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