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According to the problems of autonomous robotic navigation in complex environments, an opposite way path planning algorithm and a novel robot controller based on inertial property is proposed. Firstly, the opposite way path planning algorithm getting the local obstacle message through robot, according to the known obstacles a optimal path calculated which(More)
At present, spraying works on the outer surface of hull blocks are mainly performed by workers with the help of climbing scaffolds, which has several disadvantages such as low efficiency, low quality and harmfulness to workers' health. This paper proposed a robot arm which can replace humans to carry out spraying works for large vessel facades. However, the(More)
In view of problems of the processing performance and system flexibility for the current image processing system, propose an image processing system using reconfigurable technology. Studying on the theory of dynamic reconfigurable technology and the feature of reconfigurable system, analyzing the existent problem at present in the image processing system,(More)
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