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The effect of the introduction of a ductile phase of REPM
a ductile Cobalt phase is introduced into Re40 alloys by adjustment of alloy and SW-505, and the phase volume Raation of the Cotd t dendrite phsse (Vf) can be given as shown in equation (1). The l
Second phase refining induced optimization of Fe alloying in Zn: Significantly enhanced strengthening effect and corrosion uniformity
Many non-toxic alloying elements, such as Fe, Ca, and Sr, have negligible solid solubilities in Zn matrix, leading to formation of coarse second phase particles. They exhibit low strengthening
The studies of directional solidified RE-CO magnets
A new kind of rare-earth-cobalt material, Sm 20-24 wt.%/Ce 5-10 wt.%/Fe 8-15 wt.%/Cu 6-15 wt.%/Zr 1-3 wt.%/Co, has been made by directional solidification technology with liquid metal cooling