Chang-bing Luo

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With the widespread application of remote sensing (RS) in agriculture, monitoring and prediction of crop nutrition condition attracts attention of many scientists. Foliar nitrogen content (N) is one of the most important nutrients for plant growth, and vertical leaf N gradient is an important indicator of crop nutrition situation. Investigations have been(More)
A hundred and ninety one representative brown rice samples from the Chinese Rice Genebank and the DH population derived from the cross of japonica upland rice IRAT109 with paddy rice Yuefu were selected for this study. Their protein content range was 5.90%-14.50%. Near-infrared diffusive spectroscopy (NIDRS) and partial least square (PLS) were used to(More)
The influence of sample temperature on the wheat PLS near infrared (NIR) quantitative analysis was studied with 45 wheat seeds. The original spectra of the wheat seeds were measured at different temperatures. The temperature corrections were subtracted from the original spectra of the samples by using the PLS algorithm. The corrected spectra were used to(More)
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