Chang-an Yuan

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Inspired by the overlap gene expression in biological study, this paper proposes a novel evolutionary algorithm-EAOGE i.e. Evolutionary Algorithm based on Overlapped Gene Expression. Different from existing works, EAOGE suggests a new expression structure of genes with probabilities of overlapped expression for some segments. The main contributions are: (1)(More)
The mobility and energy scarcity are two main challenges of efficient routing in mobile wireless sensor networks (WSNs). However, messages should be reliably transported to the Sink with low latency in many application scenarios. To accomplish this, a hierarchical routing scheme, Latency and Reliability-aware Geographic Routing (LRGR), is proposed. Firstly,(More)
The clustering over various granularities for high dimensional data in arbitrary shape is a challenge in data mining. In this paper Nearest Neighbors Absorbed First (NNAF) clustering algorithm is proposed to solve the problem based on the idea that the objects in the same cluster must be near. The main contribution includes:(1) A theorem of searching(More)
In the application with multiple data streams, the correlation between data streams is very significant. The main contributions of this paper included: (1) Introduces the concept of total ordering with filter and compression by wavelets to describe streams. (2) Proposes the equivalence model to evaluate correlations between streams, including three theorems(More)
Traditional GEP algorithm takes up many system resources in decoding and evaluating due to the operation of the tree construction and corresponding traversing. This paper aims to introduce a novel GEP algorithm to alleviate the drawback mentioned above. The main contributions include:(1) presenting a new method for decoding and evaluating chromosome (SGDE),(More)
This paper applied the Methods which based on GEP in compress multi-streams. The contributions of this paper include: 1) giving an introduction to data function finding based on GEP(DFF-GEP), defining the main conception of Multi-Streams, and revealing the map relation in it; 2) putting forward the Compression Algorithm for Multi-Streams according to map(More)
To mine popular accessed Web pages items and find out their association rule from the Web server Log database for junior users providing recommendation service. A novel GEP-based algorithm for mining multiple-layers association rules was presented. Firstly, takes generalizing technology as a way to value fitness function in GEP (Gene Expression(More)