Chang-Yub Kim

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In selecting a method to produce a recombinant protein, a researcher is faced with a bewildering array of choices as to where to start. To facilitate decision-making, we describe a consensus 'what to try first' strategy based on our collective analysis of the expression and purification of over 10,000 different proteins. This review presents methods that(More)
Fatty acid biosynthesis is essential for the survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and acetyl-coenzyme A (acetyl-CoA) is an essential precursor in this pathway. We have determined the 3-D crystal structure of M. tuberculosis citrate lyase beta-subunit (CitE), which as annotated should cleave protein bound citryl-CoA to oxaloacetate and a protein-bound CoA(More)
The TB Structural Genomics Consortium is a worldwide organization of collaborators whose mission is the comprehensive structural determination and analyses of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins to ultimately aid in tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment. Congruent to the overall vision, Consortium members have additionally established an integrated(More)
AcrB is an inner membrane resistance-nodulation-cell division efflux pump and is part of the AcrAB–TolC tripartite efflux system. We have determined the crystal structure of AcrB with bound Linezolid at a resolution of 3.5 Å. The structure shows that Linezolid binds to the A385/F386 loops of the symmetric trimer of AcrB. A conformational change of a loop in(More)
We show that Cibacron Blue F3GA dye resin chromatography can be used to identify ligands that specifically interact with proteins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and that the identification of these ligands can facilitate structure determination by enhancing the quality of crystals. Four native Mtb proteins of the aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) family were(More)
The crystallographic structure of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) protein Rv3902c (176 residues; molecular mass of 19.8 kDa) was determined at 1.55 Å resolution. The function of Rv3902c is unknown, although several TB genes involved in bacterial pathogenesis are expressed from the operon containing the Rv3902c gene. The unique structural fold of Rv3902c(More)
Ligands interacting with Mycobacterium tuberculosis recombinant proteins were identified through use of the ability of Cibacron Blue F3GA dye to interact with nucleoside/nucleotide binding proteins, and the effects of these ligands on crystallization were examined. Co-crystallization with ligands enhanced crystallization and enabled X-ray diffraction data(More)
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