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Antioxidant capacity of phenolic phytochemicals from various cultivars of plums
Polyphenolic phytochemical extractions of six cultivars of plums (Beltsville Elite B70197, Cacak Best, French Damson, Long John, Stanley, Yugoslavian Elite T101) and Gala apples were performed usingExpand
Nutritional and Functional Properties of Dates: A Review
This review article provides information on the nutritional and functional constituents of dates (Phoenix dactylifera L.) and their seeds from over 80 references. Date flesh is found to be low in fatExpand
Vitamin C equivalent antioxidant capacity (VCEAC) of phenolic phytochemicals.
It is recommended that antioxidant capacity be expressed as vitamin C mg/100 g equivalent (VCEAC) using the ABTS assay, which can be used in both organic and aqueous solvent systems, employs a specific absorbance at a wavelength remote from the visible region, and requires a short reaction time. Expand
Sweet and sour cherry phenolics and their protective effects on neuronal cells.
Overall results showed that cherries are rich in phenolics, especially in anthocyanins, with a strong antineurodegenerative activity and that they can serve as a good source of biofunctional phytochemicals in the authors' diet. Expand
Daily consumption of phenolics and total antioxidant capacity from fruit and vegetables in the American diet
The daily intake of total phenolics, total flavonoids and antioxidants in the American diet was estimated from the most common 34 fresh fruit and vegetables and their daily consumption data. Among 14Expand
Quantification of polyphenolics and their antioxidant capacity in fresh plums.
A positive relationship (correlation coefficient r (2)() = 0.977) was presented between total phenolics and VCEAC, suggesting polyphenolics would play an important role in free radical scavenging, and Beltsville Elite B70197 showed the highest amounts of total phenolic and total flavonoids and the highest VCEac. Expand
Growth Characteristics of Aciduric Sporeforming Bacilli Isolated from Fruit Juices.
Two aciduric, aerobic, sporeforming bacteria were isolated from pasteurized juices and produced spores that were located subterminally in a swollen sporangium that grew well in apple and white grape juice. Expand
Optimization of phenolics and dietary fibre extraction from date seeds.
It is believed date seed concentrates could potentially be an inexpensive source of natural dietary fibre and antioxidants and possibly used as a functional food ingredient. Expand
Major phenolics in apple and their contribution to the total antioxidant capacity.
Results indicate that flavonoids such as quercetin, epicatechin, and procyanidin B(2) rather than vitamin C contribute significantly to the total antioxidant activity of apples. Expand
Extending shelf-life of minimally processed apples with edible coatings and antibrowning agents
Abstract Effect of edible coatings in combination with antibrowning agents on minimally processed apple slices was studied during storage at 3°C for 2 week. To control initial respiration rate ofExpand