Chang Yong Han

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We prove there is no rational rotation-minimizing frame (RMF) along any non-planar regular cubic polynomial curve. Although several schemes have been proposed to generate rational frames that approximate RMF’s, exact rational RMF’s have been only observed on certain Pythagorean-hodograph curves of degree seven. Using the Euler–Rodrigues frames naturally(More)
We present a mathematical theory of the two-dimensional offset curves from the viewpoint of medial axis transform. We explore the local geometry of the offset curve in relation with the medial axis transform, culminating in the classification of points on the offset curve. We then study the domain decomposition from the viewpoint of offsets, and in(More)
Joel Hass a, Rida T. Farouki b, Chang Yong Han b, Xiaowen Song c and Thomas W. Sederberg d a Department of Mathematics, University of California, Davis, CA 95616, USA E-mail: b Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of California, Davis, CA 95616, USA E-mail: {farouki,cyhan} c College of(More)
Significant progress has been made in understanding the production,circulation, and absorption of CSF. In part because of autoregulation, rapid changes in arterial pressure produce parallel but significantly dampened changes in CSF pressure. Chronic arterial hypertension rarely affects ICP,but changes in venous pressure are transmitted directly into the(More)
Topologically consistent algorithms for the intersection and trimming of free-form parametric surfaces are of fundamental importance in computer-aided design, analysis, and manufacturing. Since the intersection of (for example) two bicubic tensor-product surface patches is not a rational curve, it is usually described by approximations in the parameter(More)
Minkowski geometric algebra is concerned with sets in the complex plane that are generated by algebraic combinations of complex values varying independently over given sets in ℂ. This algebra provides an extension of real interval arithmetic to sets of complex numbers, and has applications in computer graphics and image analysis, geometrical optics, and(More)