Chang-Yi Yang

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The location of mobile station is an important issue for wireless communication systems. A location estimation scheme using fuzzy-based Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) smoother is proposed in this paper. It combines the time-of-arrival (TOA) and the received signal strength (RSS) measurements to achieve high location accuracy. The fuzzy technique is used(More)
In this paper, the relative location estimation problem, a prominent issue faced by several applications in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), is considered. Sensors are classified into two categories: location-aware and location-unaware sensors. To estimate the positions of location-unaware sensors, exact positions are often assumed for location-aware(More)
A recursive maximum-likelihood (RML) algorithm for channel estimation under rapidly fading channel and colored noise in a multicarrier code-division multiple-access (MC-CDMA) system is proposed in this paper. A moving-average model with exogenous input (MAX) is given to describe the transmission channel and colored noise. Based on the pseudoregression(More)
Inverse power control can be used in several applications. However, it has a severe problem in the original design. That is, the receiver has to estimate channel parameters only using receive signal and original transmission data signal. But the transmitter has an adjustable power control gain located between the original transmission data signal and the(More)