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We present a new algorithm based on a Cartesian mesh for the numerical approximation of kinetic models for chemosensitive movements set in an arbitrary geometry. We investigate the influence of the geometry on the collective behavior of bacteria described by a kinetic equation interacting with nutrients and chemoattractants. Numerical simulations are(More)
Fear extinction has been extensively studied, but little is known about the molecular processes that underlie the persistence of extinction long-term memory (LTM). We found that microinfusion of norepinephrine (NE) into the CA1 area of the dorsal hippocampus during the early phase (0 h) after extinction enhanced extinction LTM at 2 and 14 days after(More)
The effects of stress on emotional memory are distinct and depend on the stages of memory. Memory undergoes consolidation and reconsolidation after acquisition and retrieval, respectively. Stress facilitates the consolidation but disrupts the reconsolidation of emotional memory. Previous research on the effects of stress on memory have focused on long-term(More)
In this paper, we propose an active grid resource management system supported by active networks for computational grid. First, we construct a scal-able two-level resource management architecture. In this architecture, resources in the system are divided into multiple autonomous domains. In each domain, an active resource tree (ART) is organized with(More)
In this paper we present a new algorithm based on Cartesian meshes for the numerical approximation of kinetic models set in an arbitrary geometry. Due to the high dimensional property of kinetic models, numerical algorithms based on unstructured meshes are not really appropriate since most of numerical methods (semi-Lagrangian, spectral methods) are(More)
For each person, there exist large unstructured photo collections in personal photo albums. We call these photos Hetero-source images, which imply abundant shape and texture information of the specific face. In this paper, we propose a novel 3D face modeling method combining the normal map of Hetero-source images with the fitting result based on a single(More)
We present three studies that compare adoption and appropriation between China and the United States of BlogCentral, an internal blogging tool employed by a large global enterprise. We first analyzed 23 months of usage logs for users in both countries and found that compared to the U.S., Chinese users were much less active, with less activity and sparser(More)
BACKGROUND Radicular pain is a common and debilitating clinical pain condition. To date, the mechanisms of radicular pain remain unclear, partly because of the lack of suitable preclinical models. The authors report a modified rat model of radicular pain that could mimic a subset of clinical radicular pain conditions induced by the soft tissue compression(More)
This paper is devoted to the numerical approximation of a nonlinear temperature balance equation, which describes the heat evolution of a magnetically confined plasma in the edge region of a tokamak. The nonlinearity implies some numerical difficulties, in particular long time behavior, when solved with standard methods. An efficient numerical scheme is(More)